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Celebrating Inclusive Pride Campaigns: Embracing the Full Spectrum

Updated: Apr 16

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As Pride month approaches, brands are gearing up to participate in the festivities. Engaging LGBTQ+ influencers, sharing queer employee stories, offering rainbow-themed merchandise, and supporting organizations advocating for trans rights are all essential aspects. However, amidst the excitement, it's crucial to pause and reflect on whether our efforts truly align with the path of inclusivity. This year, the LGBTQ+ community faces significant challenges, with rights being questioned and rolled back in many places. In this intricate societal and political landscape, brands participating in Pride activities must recognize that inclusivity extends beyond a single color of the rainbow. Let's explore exceptional campaigns that genuinely celebrate the diverse and multifaceted LGBTQ+ experience.

Skittles: Forging a Colorful Connection

Skittles, renowned for its iconic "taste the rainbow" tagline, has positioned itself uniquely within the Pride month conversation. Since 2016, Skittles has released special Pride packs featuring candies devoid of their trademark colors. By emphasizing that "only one rainbow matters during Pride," they have consistently expanded their campaign. In 2022, Skittles collaborated with five queer artists to decorate gray packaging, sharing their stories on social media. Notably, Skittles also donates $1 per pack sold, up to $100,000, to GLAAD. Their commitment, creativity, genuine engagement with the LGBTQ+ community, and tangible support serve as inspiring examples.

U.S. Bank: Pride Beyond the Month

U.S. Bank understands that genuine Pride events extend beyond the month of June. In 2022, the bank actively participated in 44 Pride parades and events across the country. Their distinctive approach involves mobilizing at least 50 volunteers to carry massive Pride flags—a powerful symbol of unity and support. Furthermore, U.S. Bank has established four "LGBTQ+ flagship" branches in historically gay neighborhoods, adorned with vibrant rainbow decorations to celebrate the community throughout the year. The bank goes beyond superficial gestures by providing LGBTQ+-specific banking resources, such as guides on homebuying, family planning, and estate planning tailored to queer experiences. By actively engaging and offering customized education to underserved communities, U.S. Bank demonstrates its unwavering commitment to inclusivity.

Target: Embracing Genuine Inclusion

In previous years, Target has been known for its vibrant and inclusive celebrations of Pride, embracing the LGBTQ+ community with a dedicated Pride line and a range of diverse and inclusive merchandise. However, in 2023, Target has taken a different approach by not launching a specific Pride line. This decision reflects their commitment to evolving and adapting their strategies to better align with the ever-changing needs and expectations of the LGBTQ+ community. While the absence of a dedicated line might be unexpected, it also highlights Target's intention to prioritize authentic representation and inclusivity throughout their entire product offering. By continuing to offer gender-inclusive clothing options, supporting LGBTQ+ organizations, and promoting an inclusive shopping experience, Target maintains its commitment to embracing genuine inclusion and celebrating diversity all year round.

Conclusion: Be Authentic, Stand Strong

As you prepare for Pride month, it's crucial to ensure that your campaign truly embodies inclusivity and honors the entire LGBTQ+ experience. Anticipate potential resistance and have a crisis plan in place. Most importantly, utilize this opportunity to amplify the voices of gay employees, customers, artists, and others. By involving them meaningfully and contributing to causes that drive change, you can avoid the pitfall of shallow "rainbow washing." Embrace the full spectrum, remain steadfast in your actions, and make a lasting impact on the LGBTQ+ community this Pride month. Together, let's celebrate diversity and champion inclusivity in all its forms.


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