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Decreased Cost-per-Conversion

Transforming Student Recruitment Strategy at NC State University

1. Introduction:

NC State University partnered with Valley of the Moon Marketing to enhance their student recruitment efforts. By incorporating career data into their online platform and implementing targeted digital marketing strategies, NC State achieved significant improvements in attracting qualified applicants.


2. The Problem:
NC State's marketing team observed a growing trend among prospective students, who were increasingly focused on the connection between their academic programs and future career prospects. Traditional recruitment tactics were not producing the desired results, and the team recognized the need to address this concern to attract high-quality applicants.

3. The Solution
Valley of the Moon Marketing proposed a multifaceted approach to address the recruitment challenges at NC State. The key elements of the solution included:

  • Enhancing program pages with standardized templates and updated content to engage prospects effectively.

  • Integrating comprehensive career data and a searchable career database into the website to provide students with valuable information.

  • Implementing targeted pay-per-click (PPC) digital ad campaigns that showcased program offerings and related career data.

  • Employing remarketing ad campaigns to reinforce program and career information for interested prospects.


4. Results:
The implemented strategies yielded remarkable results for NC State University:

  • Generated 12.6 million impressions.

  • Increased conversion rates by 84%.

  • Decreased the cost per conversion by 92%.

  • Achieved a 5,382% increase in clicks and a 15,475% increase in conversions through remarketing campaigns.

  • Reduced the average cost per click by 84% and the cost per conversion by 93% for remarketing efforts.

By leveraging career data and implementing targeted digital marketing strategies, NC State University experienced significant improvements in their student recruitment process. The enhanced program pages, combined with comprehensive career information, effectively engaged prospective students and led to increased conversions. Valley of the Moon Marketing's solution provided NC State with a competitive edge and helped them achieve recruitment success within their budgetary constraints.

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